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How Perfect is Your Lawn?

Weeds?  Brown Patches?  Stickers?  Fire Ants?

TLC can transform your lawn into a Lush, Soft and Enjoyable area for you and your family!  We prevent weeds, we kill lawn pests and we supply nutrients to promote a Healthy Lawn!

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Lawn Treatment Plans and Services

PRO Plan

Fertilizers and Weed Control

Proper timing is the key with Fertilizers and Weed Control.  TLC will apply all products necessary to protect your lawn from spring and fall weeds as well as apply fertilizers to promote a strong, healthy and vibrant lawn.

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PRO Plan plus Pest Control

In addition to proper timing of fertilizers and weed control, the PRO XL Plan offers treatments to control Fire Ants, Grubs and Army Worms.  Click Common Issues to read about the most common pest threats here in North Texas.

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What did you say?

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Matt and his crew came out and treated our lawn a few weeks ago and there is already a noticeable difference! His team was responsive, courteous and professional. We are very happy with the results!

Kristin S.

Southlake, TX

Good, reliable lawn care and landscape companies are very hard to find. Matt Mitchell and TLC Perfect Turf have been a been a big help to me and have kept my lawn looking good and weed-free. When I have had a question, Matt is quick to respond.

Highly recommend their work!

Chuck K.
Trophy Club, TX

TLC’s lawn application kept our yard looking great all season long!  Even when army worms took a toll on the neighborhood this summer, our lawn was protected and lush.

Chris T.
Roanoke, TX

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Common Issues

Do you have a weed issue? Look below for some of the more common weeds in our area.

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BL Dandelion.jpg

Poison Ivy

BL Poisen Ivy.jpg

Broom Sedge

GW Broomsedge.jpg

Poa - Blue Grass

GW Bluegrass Poa.jpg


BL Sowthistle.jpg


GW Dallisgrass.jpg

Johnson Grass

GW Johnson Grass.jpg

Hairy Crabgrass 

GW Hairy Crabgrass.jpg

Wild Garlic

GW Wild Garlic.jpg

Yellow Nutsedge

GW Yellow Nutsedge.jpg

Smooth Crabgrass

GW Smooth Crabgrass.jpg

Sandbur or Goat Head

GW Sandbur.jpg

Purple Nutsedge

GW Purple Nutsedge.jpg

Egyptian Crabgrass

GW Egyiption Crabgrass.jpg

Green Foxtail

GW Green Foxtail.jpg

Oxeye Daisy

BL Oxeye Daisy.jpg

False Dandelion

BL False Dandelion.jpg


BL henbit.jpg

Creeping Oxalis

BL Creeping Oxalis.jpg


BL Chickweed.jpg

Bull Thistle

BL Bull Thistle.jpg

Buckhorn Plantain

BL Buckhorn Plantain.jpg

Common Pests

Bug Red Fire Ant.jpg
Lawn grub damage as chinch larva damaging grass roots causing a brown patch disease in the
Bug Armyworm.jpg

Fire Ants

The name is probably enough of a description!  These pests appear ever spring and can administer a painful bite.  Protect your kids and pets with a prevention treatment.


Grubs are everywhere and can cause brown patches in your grass.  The Mole rodent also feeds on grubs and can reek havoc on your lawn.  Treat your lawn for grubs to keep lawn rodents and brown patches away.

Army Worms

Every year moth larva hatch into these destructive worms.  Their favorite food is green grass.  They can eat your grass overnight.  Let us prevent these hungry critters from making a meal out of your lawn.

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